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This website is produced by Joseph J Bily, in Cincinnati Ohio, who has had experience with his own parent going through the system of assisted living, nursing home care, and the costs, and disappointments associated with it. Also I have helped friends, with aging parents. I saw the need for a way, nationally and locally, to connect caregivers, who are looking employment or for a place of residence, with aging individuals who wish to stay in their homes as long as possible. For aging individuals this is a win-win opportunity to use their extra bedroom and possibly their automobile to offset some of the costs of hiring a live-in caregiver. It is also a way for a dedicated live-in caregiver to offset some of his or her cost of living.

I saw a need to go national with this endeavor to create a large enough pool of caregivers to choose from, and find those who are willing to relocate if the positive connection is made.

A Place to Find Someone

We are simply a vehicle to connect prospective caregivers with those in need of help. We make no guarantee, or take any responsibility, that your caregiver connection will work out. We only provide you with a pool of individuals to choose from. Interviews, background checks, and determination of combatibility, are your responsibility. The sole purpose of this site is to make a introductory connection with caregivers.

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